Spirit of the Flame

On February 26, 2017, Elle competed at the Spirit of the Flame meet in San Jose, CA. She completed amazing routines, scoring three personal bests, including a Level 7 personal best All Around score of 36.7!

Elle’s results were:

Vault 9.100
Bars 9.100
Beam 9.200
Floor 9.300
AA 36.700


Winter Invitational

On February 4, 2017, Elle competed at the Winter Invitational in Redwood City, CA.  She continues to improve her scores, aside from an unfortunate fall on beam during her press mount.

Her results were:

Vault 9.075
Bars 8.850
Beam 8.225
Floor 9.275
AA 35.425

Black Tie Invitational

On January 22, 2017, Elle competed at the Black Tie Invitational in Dublin, CA.  She had an excellent meet, completing all of her routines and earning the highest All-Around score of her team.

Her results were:

Vault 8.800
Bars 8.675
Beam 9.250
Floor 9.200
AA 35.925 11th place

Golden State Classic


Elle’s first meet as an Optional gymnast was the Golden State Classic on January 8, 2017.  She competed as a Level 7, having skipped Level 6 after completing her Level 5 season in November 2016.

Elle debuted her new routines.  She completed a beautiful Floor routine, and had falls on both her Bars and Beam routines.  All in all, it was a great start to the new season, with lots of room for growth.


Vault 8.900
Bars 7.450
Beam 8.250
Floor 9.300 4th
AA 33.900


Vaughn Weightlifting NorCal Open


On January 7, 2017, Elle competed in the Vaughn Weightlifting NorCal Open. She went 6 for 6 on her lifts, scoring 28kg on her Snatch and 35kg on her Clean & Jerk, for a Total of 63kg. This was Elle’s first Olympic weightlifting competition since winning the National Youth Championship back in June.

Elle won First Place in the Youth division at this meet, which qualifies her to compete at the Barbells For Boobs competition in October.

This was also Elle’s first time competing as part of a team.  After she became a National Champion, her coach formed a barbell club, Endgame Athletics, so now she has teammates!

Summary of the Rest of Level 5 Season


I need to update this blog!  Here are the results of Elle’s Level 5 season, from Fall 2016.

Elle competed at the Flipping Over the Valley meet on October 16, 2016. Her results were:

Vault 9.275 2nd
Bars 8.850 4th
Beam 9.025 1st 🏅
Floor 8.675 3d
AA 35.825 3rd place

Elle competed at the Moon Festival meet on October 23, 2016. Her results were:

Vault 9.125 5th
Bars 8.750 8th
Beam 9.275* 1st 🏅
Floor 8.850 6th
AA 36.000 2d place

Finally, Elle competed at the NorCal State Championships on November 6, 2016.  With a fall on Beam, her results were:

Vault 9.000 5th
Bars 9.000 8th
Beam 8.250
Floor 9.075 8th
AA 35.350 9th place

This marks the end of Elle’s time as a USAG Compulsory gymnast.  The compulsory levels go up to Level 5; these levels all perform the exact same routines across the USA.  Elle is advancing to Level 7, skipping Level 6.  She is now an Optional gymnast, meaning that the routines for all the girls, or for each team, are all individualized.



Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report came out and filmed Elle at Endgame Athletics a few weeks ago.  They produced this cool video!



HumanFOX Capsule

HumanFOX is an Indian interviewing initiative run entirely by engineering students. It aims to create immemorial capsules of individuals who are working on their passions to make a difference in the society. They are trying to show the world how stereotypical walls in India can be broken, by helping them get inspiration from their idols through their interview Capsules. HumanFOX has created a Capsule for Elle, and it can be viewed on their website at